How to Cut an Angle Iron

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Things You'll Need

  • Work bench or steady surface

  • Paint pen

  • Angle grinder

  • 9-inch metal-cutting blade

  • Safety goggles

Angle iron is a length of sturdy steel that is bent to a perfect 90-degree angle. To cut or shape an angle iron, you must use a blade that is designed specifically for cutting metal. If a wood-cutting blade is used on angle iron, the blade will quickly overheat and become dull. The blade may also cause the saw to become hot and possibly short-circuit. By using an angle grinder and an appropriate blade, you can easily cut any size angle iron.


Step 1

Place the angle iron you intend to cut on your workbench or other level, sturdy surface. Decide where you want to cut and use a paint pen to draw a guiding line on one side of the angle iron.

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Step 2

Attach the 9-inch metal-cutting blade to the angle grinder. Plug in the angle grinder and put on your safety goggles.


Step 3

Turn the angle iron onto one side and begin cutting from the top, slowly moving down the corner of the angle. Use the guiding line you drew for reference.

Step 4

Continue cutting until you have split the angle iron into two lengths.

Step 5

Repeat to cut multiple lengths of angle iron.


Do not attempt to cut angle iron with anything other than a metal-cutting blade. Always be careful when using power tools. Keep children and pets away from your work area, and also be careful with beverages or water.


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