How to Shorten Your Shower Curtain Rod

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Shower curtain rod flanges

  • Shower curtain rod

  • Marker

  • Assistant (possibly)

  • Coping saw

  • Pocket knife

Shower curtain rods come in a standard length of 60 inches. Some curtain rods are made to adjust to a longer length to accommodate larger spaces and to fit the most common sizes of bathtub and shower stall combinations. Vintage homes, apartments and manufactured homes are examples of some homes that may have different size bathing stalls that require shower curtains. If your shower is shorter than the standard size, you must shorten the curtain rod.


Step 1

Install the shower curtain rod flanges in the desired position in the shower or tub unit.

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Step 2

Measure the distance between the flange openings, and add 2 inches to the overall measurement to allow for 1 inch of the shower rod to go inside each of the flanges. This is your shower curtain rod length measurement.


Step 3

Place one end of the measuring tape to one end of the shower curtain rod. Draw the tape across the rod toward the opposite end until the length measurement is reached. Mark the location all the way around the shower curtain rod with a marker.

Step 4

Lay the shower curtain rod on a flat surface that allows the end of the rod to hang 12 inches off the surface. For example, a picnic table or deck would be ideal. Hold the rod firmly with one hand. You may need assistance to keep the rod from rolling back and forth.


Step 5

Place the coping saw blade directly on the marker line of the shower curtain rod. Keep the blade straight up and down to avoid making an angled cut. Place the blade end that is closest to your hand on the mark, and pull back on the saw to make your first cut. There will actually be a slight cut mark at this point. Pick your saw up, and repeat three more times.


Step 6

Cut further into the shower curtain rod. Once the cut is as deep as half the blade's width, the saw will hold the rod in place while you push the blade. The cutting process will speed up now. Place the blade end that is closest to your hand in the cut line, pull back, and then push straight forward. The coping saw will cut in both directions, but it is difficult to hold the blade in place until the depth of the cut is beneath the surface. Continue sawing until the end of the rod is completely detached.


Step 7

Remove any burrs or hanging material with a pocket knife to create a clean edge on the end of the shower curtain rod.

Step 8

Place the shower curtain rod in the flanges.


The less the rod rocks back and forth, the easier the cutting task will be.


Always double check your measurement before cutting.



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