How to Cut Cork Stoppers

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Things You'll Need

  • Work gloves

  • Cutting board

  • Pencil

  • Pocket knife

Cork bottle stoppers are typically found in wine bottles, but are also used to seal a variety of other bottled products. Many people discard the corks since they are difficult to reinsert into the bottles. However, you can create many craft and home improvement projects with them, such as cutting them in thin slices and attaching them to the bottom of furniture legs. No matter what the project, the first step is to figure out how to cut the cork.


Step 1

Put on work gloves to protect your hands during the cutting process. Gardening gloves work well because they are flexible enough to allow your fingers to move freely.

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Step 2

Lay a cutting board on a flat, stable work surface, and place one cork stopper on top of it. Draw a line all the way around the cork with a pencil to designate where you will cut it.


Step 3

Hold the end of the cork firmly with one hand, and place the blade of a pocket knife against the cork directly on the pencil line.

Step 4

Move the knife in a back-and-forth sawing motion, and press down firmly to begin cutting through the cork. Continue until the cork is completely cut.

Step 5

Pick up the section of cork that you want to keep, and erase any remaining pencil line using the eraser on the pencil.


Pocket knives and other non-serrated knives are best to use because they do not cause the cork to crumble as they cut through it.


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