How to Restring a Pole Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Towel

  • Rag

  • String

Pole saws are effective tools for pruning tree limbs or hedges without using a ladder. These types of manual saws allow you to pull down on a string to keep the blade next to a branch, so as to avoid tearing the bark when sawing. It is critical, when pruning above you, to quickly step out of the way of falling branches. Prune branches next to their branch collar — the swelling that connects the branch to the trunk of the tree. In addition, you should also keep you pole saw well sharpened to reduce the risk of tearing the bark.


Step 1

Take the protective cover off of your pole saw or pole pruner. The protective cover keeps the blades from rusting between cutting sessions. Always wipe off your blades with a rag before replacing the protective cover. Keep the blade separate and attach when it's time to assemble the pole saw.


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Step 2

Wrap a towel or a rag several times around the blade to protect your hands. To assemble the pole saw, press the blade on the pole until you hear a snap, which indicates that the blade is locked in.

Step 3

Untie the old string on the pole saw. Push the new string through the eye of the pole saw. The string should be as long as the pole saw, so that your can pull it down when cutting.


Step 4

Make a knot in the string near the very top, where the blade has fit into the pole saw. The knot should be as tight as possible, so that it does not unravel and come back through the eye of the pole saw.

Step 5

Lift the pole saw underneath the branch you are trimming. Saw at the branch at a 45-degree downward angle facing away from the tree. Make sure you stand to the side of the branch. Move when the branch falls off to the side.


Screw in pole extensions for branches that are too high for the pole saw.


Refrain from using a pole saw on a ladder.


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