How To Change a License Plate Light on an Equinox

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The bulbs over the license plate on your Chevrolet Equinox illuminate the plate for easy identification on the road. Law enforcement officials rely on those lights to verify that your tags are valid. If a bulb burns out over the license plate on your truck, buy a W5WLL bulb from an auto parts store and change it at home in minutes. You'll be back on the road without worrying about a police citation.


Step 1

Open the rear lift gate of your Equinox.

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Step 2

Push the light cover toward the right side of the truck. Pull the light cover and bulb assembly down out of the mounting area.

Step 3

Turn the bulb socket counterclockwise and pull it out of the assembly. Pull the bulb straight out to remove it from the socket.

Step 4

Insert the new bulb into the socket. Place the socket into the assembly and turn it clockwise to secure it.


Step 5

Replace the light cover and assembly unit into the mounting area over the license plate, starting with the right side. Slide the cover toward the left side of the truck until it locks.