Directions to Put Up a Martha Stewart Artificial Tree

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A well-made artificial tree has a sturdy center pole and stand.

The best kinds of artificial Christmas trees look natural and do much of the work for you, with frosted branches, faux berries and lights included. Martha Stewart prelit Christmas trees are a good choice if you are in the market for an artificial tree and come in many different shapes and sizes. The company also sells Martha Stewart Christmas tree lights, candles and various other holiday decorations at places like Home Depot, QVC and Amazon.


Martha Stewart Prelit Christmas Trees

Martha Stewart Christmas trees include manuals with assembly instructions and their own Christmas stands. Start by putting the stand together. Choose a location near a wall outlet and unfold the legs of the tree stand. Place it on the floor and slide its locking disk down until you hear it snap into place.

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You can set up the rest of the tree in about 10 minutes. Remove the protective caps from the bottom of the tree and put the pole into the tree stand. Do the same thing with the middle and top sections. You can shape the branches however you like, but it is best to work from the bottom to the top, making sure that none of the wires touch any branch hinges.


Plug in the green-labeled extension cord, and all the lights should turn on. Make any other adjustments to the tree's shape at this point. You can reposition the branch tips to make them look more uniform. Now, the tree is ready to be decorated further.

My Martha Stewart Christmas Tree Lights Are Out!

Any artificial pre-lit Christmas tree's lights can malfunction. When this happens, start troubleshooting. If yours has multiple light plugs stacked together, one could be loose. Also, check every section where the poles meet to ensure that nothing is obstructing their connections.


The problem could also be a burnt-out plug fuse; open the plug doors and replace any fuses that appear burnt out. Plug that strand into an extension cord, and if this does not bring the lights back on, it could be a bulb or the wiring. You can test the lights with a bulb tester and replace them as needed. When an entire wire of lights is damaged, you can snip them off with a pair of wire cutters and replace the wire. You can order Martha Stewart Christmas tree lights online or find them in stores if you need a replacement.


Martha Stewart Christmas Tree Safety Instructions

You should not use artificial Christmas trees outdoors unless otherwise marked. It is also unsafe to place artificial trees close to electric or gas fireplaces, heaters, candles and other heat sources. When you secure the wires, do not use nails or staples and never let a lamp sit on the wires or supply cords.


Be sure to unplug your tree when you go to bed or leave the house. When you are ready to decorate, avoid hanging anything from the light strings, cords and wires. Never cover the tree with anything such as paper, cloth or material. If the plug does not fit easily into your outlet, read the instructions because you may need to reverse the plug or call an electrician. For more safety guidelines, read the product manual.



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