DIY Atomizers

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Things You'll Need

  • Bottle

  • Straw

  • Liquid

  • Knife or scissors

Spray bottle nozzle that is an atomizer.

An atomizer is a device that will create a fine spray from liquid. These types of bottles are used for cleaning products, perfumes and drug applications. Some examples of atomizers include cooking sprays, medical inhalers, squirt bottles and perfume spray bottles. The atomizer is composed of several elements: the container that holds the liquid, the tube or straw that draws the liquid to the spray nozzle, and the spray nozzle. In its simplest form, the atomizer works based on changes to the air pressure at the spray nozzle.


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Step 1

Find bottles that can be used to hold the liquid that will be sprayed. These bottles can be old atomizer bottles, glass bottles with a screw lip or any other bottle that is handy. Make sure the bottle is completely clean before filling it. If the bottle once held cleaning liquid then do not fill it with olive oil, perfume or other products. Traces of chemicals can cause problems. Glass bottles are the easiest to clean thoroughly and can be reused easily.


Step 2

Cut the plastic straw with a knife or scissors to create a hinge at the center. Do not cut through the straw completely.

Step 3

Bend the straw to create a 90-degree angle. The bend will occur where you made the cut.


Step 4

Fill the bottle with the desired liquid.

Step 5

Lower the vertical part of the bent straw into the liquid. The other part of the straw will be parallel with the ground.

Step 6

Position yourself and the atomizer, so the straw hinge is pointed towards the object you want to spray.


Step 7

Take a deep breath and blow through the horizontal straw at the open end.

Step 8

Blow with different intensities until you achieve the desired spray. Blowing harder or more weakly will change the speed and amount of spray.


If you have trouble getting spray to come out cut through the hinge of the straw; however, keep the straw in the same horizontal position when blowing. You need to create an area of low pressure at the top of the vertical straw to create spray.


Be careful when blowing through the tube. Always inhale before placing mouth on the tube. It takes some practice to produce the correct pressure for spray to come out properly.