How to Make an Angel Halo

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Thick crafts wire

  • Thin plastic headband

  • Gold star garland (find at crafts or party stores)

Angel halos are an easy-to-make accessory to go with any angel costume. Using a few supplies from your local crafts store, you can make your very own sparkling, gold halo for your next costume party or Halloween gathering. So if you plan to dress up as a beautiful angel, whatever the occasion, learning how to make a gorgeous halo can help you do so.


Step 1

Measure the circumference of your head around your forehead and add two inches to the measurement, then cut a piece of wire accordingly. This will give you a halo that is proportional to your head size.


Step 2

Twist your wire into a circular shape and twist the ends together to secure it. Take an 18-inch piece of wire and wrap it around the center of your plastic headband three times, leaving both ends of the wire sticking up. Pull them apart so that they form a V-shape and are the same length. Twist each end of your V-shape to form a loop.


Step 3

Pull one of the loops at the end of your V-shape open slightly and put a piece of your wire circle in, then wrap the loop securely around it. Repeat with the other end of your V-shape with the other side of the circle. You should now have a headband with wire holding up a wire circle.


Step 4

Begin wrapping your gold star garland around your wire circle starting at one of the ends of your V-shape. Tightly wrap it around your wire hoop. Wrap all the way until the entire wire hoop is covered in garland, then twist the garland around the hoop three times in the same place to keep it securely wrapped.


Instead of using gold star garland, you can also try a white or yellow boa, thick yellow yarn, or even gold wrapping paper to wrap around your halo.

You can cut the wire for your headband longer or shorter if you want to adjust the height of your halo.

For a quick halo, wrap star garland in a circle and sit it atop your head, then use bobby pins to hold it in place.