How to Make a Valance Pouf

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 curtain rods

  • Power drill

  • Tape measure

  • Fabric

  • Lining

  • Sewing machine

  • Tissue paper

Whether you need to add color, need to add to an existing curtain for privacy or want to keep out winter chills, a poufy valance is the answer to your problems. You can use them with existing curtains or alone to add accents to a room. These can cost quite a bit if they are made professionally. Try making these at home and have the satisfaction of a job well done and save a bit of money.


Step 1

Install one curtain rod on the wall 1 inch above the window frame using a power drill. Attach the second rod 2 inches higher than where you want the bottom of the valance to fall.

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Step 2

Hold a tape measure against the upper curtain rod and let the tape hang down. Pull the tape up against the lower rod to create the length and fullness of how you want the valance to look.


Step 3

Add 1 inch to the measurement you took between the rods. This is the height of the fabric needed for the valance.

Step 4

Measure the width of the window and multiply it by two to find the width measurement of the valance.


Step 5

Cut two pieces of fabric to the height and width you found using scissors. Cut two pieces of lining to the same size.

Step 6

Lay one piece of fabric with the right side of the pattern facing up and put one piece of lining right on top of it. Sew the pieces together with a sewing machine along the left and right vertical sides.


Step 7

Sew the other lining and fabric pieces together in the same way. Turn both panels right side out with the seams running vertically.

Step 8

Lay one of the panels with the lining down and the fabric facing up. Put the other panel on top of the first with the fabric sides facing each other.


Step 9

Sew the panels together by sewing a horizontal stitch along the top and bottom edge. The stitches should be ½ inch in from the edges.

Step 10

Turn the valance inside out so the fabric is on the outside and the lining is on the inside. Lay the valance out on a table with the openings at either end running vertically.


Step 11

Make a horizontal pocket at the top and bottom edge of the valance by sewing a straight stitch in both places. Make the pocket wide enough to accommodate the curtain rods.

Step 12

Slip the upper curtain rod through the top pocket on the valance and hang it on the wall. Pass the lower rod through the lower pocket of the valance.


Step 13

Spread out the valance so the gathering of the fabric is evenly spaced. Stuff tissue paper into the valance to create a larger pouf effect.


Use a stiff, light fabric in order to achieve the fullest look.


Do not over stuff the valance or you will be able to see the paper from the sides.


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