Petsafe Wireless Fence Instructions

Things You'll Need

  • Petsafe wireless fence transmitter and collar

  • Pliers

Keep your family pet on your property with a wireless fence system.

Invisible boundary fences have become a popular alternative to chain-link yard fences for keeping the family dog within the property line. Petsafe takes the invisible boundary fence one step further with their wireless boundary fence. The transmitter acts as the center of a circular fence boundary around your home. The Petsafe wireless fence is relatively quick to install and to adjust to the needs of you and your family dog.

Step 1

Place the transmitter in your home where you want the center of the pet containment area to be, and within reach of an electrical outlet. The transmitter can sit on a non-metal table or bench, or you can mount it on a wall. If mounting on a wall, drill two holes 6 3/4 inches apart from each other. Insert screws into the wall until the heads of the screws are 1/8 inch from the wall. Position the mounting holes on the back of the transmitter over the screw heads.

Step 2

Insert the contact points into the edge of the receiver dog collar. The contact points are the device that sends the small shock to your dog. Short-hair breeds use the short contact points already on the collar. Long-hair or thick-coat breeds require the long contacts. Thread the contact points into the collar until hand-tight. Turn an additional full turn with a pair of pliers.

Step 3

Turn the battery compartment cover counterclockwise with a coin. The battery compartment is on the face of the solid plastic part of the collar under the contact points. Insert an RFA-67 battery into the compartment and place the compartment cover back onto the collar, turning it clockwise to secure.

Step 4

Plug the transmitter power cord into the wall outlet and turn the "Boundary Control" dial to the 6 position. This gives a circular boundary line of approximately 35 feet to 40 feet if the boundary switch is set to "Low," and 75 feet to 85 feet with the switch set to the "High" position.

Step 5

Hold the collar at your dog's level with the logo side of the receiver facing away from the transmitter. Walk outside holding the collar until you hear the warning beep emit from the collar. This is where the boundary line begins. Adjust the Boundary Control dial to increase or decrease the distance.

Step 6

Walk around the perimeter of the home with the collar at the dog's neck level. When you hear the warning beep from the collar, insert a boundary flag into the ground.


Train your dog using the instructions given in the user manual of your wireless Petsafe system.