How to Straighten Suede Fringe

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Hair Dryer

  • Blocks

Suede fringe on a purse makes a fun accent.

Suede is a soft, durable, comfortable material with a rich appearance that is used in making purses, jackets, shoes, furniture and more. However, it is not water resistant (though some companies do now manufacture waterproof suede jackets). Suede can also be difficult to keep clean, and the fringe often used on suede purses, pants and jackets can become kinked. But with a few tricks, you can work with suede's limitations.

Step 1

Wet the suede fringe carefully, placing a cloth underneath it so that the suede below it doesn't get wet. Depending on how kinked the suede is, you may need to thoroughly wet it. If it's particularly difficult, you may even have to let the fringe soak for a bit, absorbing enough moisture to eventually work the suede.

Step 2

Pull the fringe straight with your hands working out any kinks as you go from the top of the fringe to the bottom. If it doesn't respond, you may have to re-wet it. You can also try to straighten it, by placing a solid object underneath it and use a rubber mallet to pound on it and help work out the kinks. Moisture is the real key, however. If it's wet enough, it will straighten.

Step 3

Place the fringe (wrapped in a towel if necessary) between two blocks or other heavy objects to help straighten it as it dries. If the fringe is not that kinked and looks like it's already straightening out, then you can just stand the object upright and let the fringe dangle, letting gravity do the job as it dries.


Be sure to protect the material underneath the suede fringe, especially if it's suede, throughout this process. You don't want the water used on the fringe to stain the suede below.