How to Clean a Burnt Stainless Steel Stove

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Clean stainless steel stoves are attractive and gleaming appliances. However, using a stove often creates messes that will dull the look of your stove. Sometimes while cooking, you may end up burning a mess onto the stove, requiring a thorough cleaning. Cleaning a burnt stainless steel stove may seem like a difficult or even impossible task, but with a little effort you can have your stainless steel stove back to its original shine.


Stainless steel does not need to lose its luster simply because of burnt food particles.

Things You'll Need

  • Sponge

  • Mild Dishwashing Soap Without Chlorine

  • Hand Towel

Step 1

Turn off the stove and oven, if attached. You should never attempt to clean your stove when it is turned on, as you could get severe burns.

Step 2

Sweep off the excess debris from the stove using the sponge.


Step 3

Pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid onto the sponge. The amount should not be bigger than a nickel.

Step 4

Scrub the stove, concentrating on the areas with burnt food. You may have to put some effort into it.

Step 5

Rinse the sponge occasionally and rub it over the areas you scrubbed to remove the loosen particles.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until the burnt food has been completely removed from the stove.

Step 7

Dry the stove using the hand towel, also wiping away any remaining particles. If the stove is still slightly damp, allow it to air dry.


You may use a washcloth in place of a sponge if you prefer.


Do not use any cleaner with chlorine on your stainless steel stove. This can cause scratches and gouges to your stove.

Do not use the rough side of sponge on your stainless steel stove. This can cause scratches and gouges to your stove.