How to Measure the Thickness of Cardstock

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Use card stock in the appropriate thickness for your project.

Whether you enjoy scrapbooking, card making or another type of crafting, card stock paper is a common material for many different craft hobbies. Because card stock comes in a variety of different weights and thicknesses, you may wish to measure the thickness of card stock to ensure you use card stock that is thick enough or thin enough to achieve your desired effect. Measure card stock thickness (or caliper) using a standardized point system expressed in thousandths of an inch.


Step 1

Check the points on the card stock label -- you may find a card stock point abbreviated as "pt." Every point equals .001 inch. For example, 10 pt. card stock equals .010 inch.

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Step 2

Divide the points by 1,000 to find the thickness or caliper. For example, 8 pt. card stock divided by 1,000 equals 0.008-inch thick card stock.


Step 3

Convert cover weight to points if the card stock label lists cover weight. For example, 66 lb. cover weight equals 8 pt. card stock, 80 lb. cover weight equals 10 pt. card stock and 92 lb. cover weight equals 12 pt. equals card stock.


The higher the point number, the thicker the card stock. Most card stock is 8, 10 or 12 pt. Cover paper and card stock are synonymous terms.

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