How to Make a Plexiglass Mirror

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Things You'll Need

  • Plexiglass cut to size

  • Low-grit sandpaper

  • Drop cloth

  • Primer spray paint

  • Silver foil metallic spray paint

Mirrors can be quite costly, especially when you are looking for one to hang as a piece of decor or you only need a small one to keep in your locker or desk to use every once in a while. Save money and use your creativity to create your own mirror from an inexpensive piece of plexiglass for a fraction of the cost of a glass mirror.


Step 1

Lightly sand the surface of the plexiglass on the side you want to make the mirror. Blow away the dust from sanding with your mouth.

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Step 2

Place the sanded piece of plexiglass -- sanded side up -- on a drop cloth in a well-ventilated area. Choose an area where you won't mind so much if the paint blows past the edge of the drop cloth and lands on your work surface -- such as in a garage or on the grass.


Step 3

Spray a thin even coat of primer spray paint over the entire sanded surface of the plexiglass. Hold the can approximately 12-inches away from the plexiglass as you spray. Spray is a smooth side-to-side sweeping motion with each row slightly overlapping the previous one. Let the primer dry completely according to the directions on the can. Drying time varies by brand.


Step 4

Spray a thin even coat of silver foil metallic spray paint over the entire primed surface of the plexiglass using the same technique used to prime the plexiglass. Let each coat of silver completely dry before adding another coat. Add as many coats as necessary to achieve complete coverage.


Make sure you choose a spray paint that will adhere to plastic surfaces. A plexiglass mirror won't work as well as a regular glass mirror, but small plexiglass mirrors are convenient for lockers, your purse or your desk at work. Add magnets to the back of a small plexiglass mirror to attach it to a magnetic surface such as the inside of your locker. Take a larger plexiglass mirror into a craft store to have it put in a custom frame.


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