How to Restore the Shine to My Bug Shield

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Things You'll Need

  • Car soap

  • Bucket

  • Hose

  • Scrub brush

  • Plastic polish

  • Soft rag

  • Buffing pad

  • Power drill

Bug shields are a handy way to keep bugs from damaging the paint job on your vehicle. A bug shield mounts to the front of the hood and deflects bugs away from the vehicle. Over time, bug shields can become dirty and dull, giving your car an unkempt, aged look. Restoring the shine on your bug shield will help keep your car looking like new.


Step 1

Pour 2 oz. car soap into a clean bucket and fill the bucket up with water. Rinse the bug shield off with the hose to remove the majority of the dead bugs, scrubbing the remainder away with a scrub brush coated in soapy water. If the bug shield doesn't come clean on the first try, coat it with water from the bucket and scrub it a second time.


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Step 2

Rinse the bug shield with clean water once you've scrubbed away all the debris. Place the hose between the bug shield and the hood of your vehicle to flush out any bugs that might have fallen off during the scrubbing process.

Step 3

Dampen a soft rag with plastic polish and wipe it over the entire surface of the bug shield. Plastic polish is made with a very fine polishing compound to bring out the shine in plastic without leaving deep scratches in the surface. Leave the polish to dry on the bug shield for at least 30 minutes.


Step 4

Attach a buffing pad to a power drill and buff away the dried plastic polish. Turn the drill on to the lowest setting, running the buffer in a circular motion over the front and back of the bug shield. If the polish is difficult to remove, increase the power on the drill until the polish comes off easily. Apply another coat of polish and re-buff the shield for an extra layer of shine.


Plastic polish and buffing pads can be purchased at most auto parts stores.



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