How to Repair a Cuttlebug

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Provo Craft's Cuttlebug embossing machine is easy to use, but does have inherent flaws. Many paper crafters use the Cuttlebug machine for card making and scrapbooks. Some of the machine's issues can be remedied at home by most crafters. There are some problems that will require more in-depth repairs, and may require that your purchase new parts or replace the machine.


Step 1

Move the machine to a nonporous surface. Suction is triggered when pulling down the doors. The machine could lose suction on a porous surface. Close the doors and pull them down to reactivate the suction. Wipe the bottom of the machine with a damp cloth if dust is present. If that doesn't work, change the surface where you are working with your Cuttlebug. A granite countertop, sheet of glass, or smooth tile base is ideal.


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Step 2

Flip the "B" plate in different directions each time it is used so it won't take all of the cuts on one spot and begin to warp. Cracking of the plate is a frequent occurrence. Be sure to flip the plate top to bottom, as well as front to back. Once broken, your best recourse is to replace the plate, though some crafters have had luck taping the plate together with packing tape or using the broken sections for smaller projects.


Step 3

Look inside the Cuttlebug if the non-handle side of the Cuttlebug begins to pop off when you are cranking your project through. If you see the two big gears have separated, you may have tried rolling too thick of a packet through the machine. Carefully remove your project from the machine and see if the gears realign. If they do, try thinning out your stack. You can do this by removing extraneous layers such as the "A" pad, or the foam shim. Carefully reinsert your thinner packet and try again.


Step 4

Contact Provo Craft customer service by phone if all else fails. Provo Craft's Customer Service Department can be reached at 800-937-7686 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday.


The Cuttlebug has a one-year repair or replacement warranty against manufacturer's defects, with receipt.


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