How to Troubleshoot a Troy Bilt Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • Fresh supply of gasoline

  • Spark plug

  • Spark plug wire

  • Mower blade

  • Wrench

  • Engine oil

  • Oil filter

Whether you have a Troy Bilt mower that's a push model or a rider, it may occasionally have problems. You should perform basic mower troubleshooting activities for your Troy Bilt mower before calling a service technician. In many instances, you can perform the lawn mower repair safely and quickly yourself even if you don't have a lot of mechanical training. Whatever the problem is, if you're not comfortable making the repair, call a lawn mower mechanic.


Step 1

Check the gas level in the tank. If the engine doesn't start, or starts and doesn't run, the Troy Bilt mower may be out of gasoline. If you left gas in the tank over the winter months, drain the tank and put fresh gasoline in the tank. The old gas may have water condensation in it, which causes the engine to misfire.

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Step 2

Remove the spark plug from the engine if the engine fails to start after several attempts, or if the engine runs unevenly. Examine the spark plug gap to make sure it's clean. Replace the old spark plug, or put in a new one. Inspect the spark plug wire as well. If it shows sign of wear, replace it.


Step 3

Examine the crankshaft of the lawn mower if the engine vibrates excessively. A bent crankshaft needs replacement by a service technician. Other contributing factors to excessive engine noise are a loosely mounted engine or a bent mowing blade. Tighten the mounting bolts with a wrench. Replace the bent blade.


Step 4

Change the oil in the lawn mower if the oil isn't clear. Add oil to the fill level if it is low. Lack of oil causes the engine to overheat. Check the oil filter and change it if it's dirty.

Step 5

Adjust the choke of the lawn mower engine if it doesn't run smoothly. If the choke allows too much gas into the engine, it floods and doesn't start. Wait a few minutes and try again.


Step 6

Check the battery cables if the engine doesn't turn over, or if it's sluggish to start. Clean the cables and battery posts if necessary. Make sure the battery has a charge. If it doesn't, replace it.

Step 7

Raise the mower deck, set the parking brake and sit on the Troy Bilt lawn mower when you start it. Each of these items has a safety feature attached and it must be operational for the lawn mower engine to start.


Step 8

Check the transmission fluid level if the mower doesn't go forward or backward when you put it in a gear. Transmission problems can also cause the engine to stall on the Troy Bilt lawn mower.


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