How to Make Zipper Pulls

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Things You'll Need

  • Head pin

  • Crimp bead

  • Needle nose pliers

  • Decorative bead such as wooden or lamp work bead

  • Wire snips

  • Round nose pliers

  • Cell phone lariat

Zipper pulls add creativity to zippers.
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A zipper is a pretty basic functional part of many items such as jackets, backpacks and purses. Make your zippers a little more interesting by adding a decorative zipper pull. You can also make zippers easier to open and close for little ones still developing on their motor skills by adding a zipper pull. Make your own zipper pull with a few items from the craft store in just a few minutes.


Step 1

Slide the crimp bead onto the head pin so it rests against the flat end of the pin. Close the crimp bead by pinching it with needle nose pliers.

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Step 2

Slide the decorative bead onto the head pin. The crimp bead will stop it from sliding off. Trim the head pin down so only 1/2 an inch is left above the bead.


Step 3

Curl the top 1/2 inch of the head pin with your round nose pliers to create a loop at the top of the charm.

Step 4

Thread the charm onto the cell phone lariat. Put the charm on the metal ring attached to the lariat like you would put a key on a key ring.


Step 5

Thread the looped end of the lariat through the hole in the zipper tab. Push the charm end of the zipper pull through the loop. Pull the charm end to tighten the pull on the zipper.


You can make longer zipper pulls by adding more than one bead to the head pin, however, this may cause the pull to get in your way.

Make lots of zipper pulls to give to the children at your child's birthday party as party favors, or give them to friends and family as small thinking-of-you gifts.


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