How to Load a Quilt Onto an Inspira Quilt Frame

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Things You'll Need

  • Tension clips

  • Quilting patterns

Use an Inspira quilting frame to machine-quilt your quilting projects.

Quilters use an Inspira quilt frame to load a quilt top, batting and backing onto a quilting machine. You can adjust these frames to the size of the quilting piece, up to 106 inches in length, and for stand-up or sit-down quilting. The Inspira quilt frame is lightweight and moderately easy to set up when you know how to do it.


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Step 1

Place the quilt frame onto the quilting machine carriage.

Step 2

Roll the quilt top, batting and backing onto the roller bars of the quilt frame.

Step 3

Tighten the quilt on the frame by adjusting the "Soft Touch" knobs, turning them to the right for more tension and to the left for less tension.


Step 4

Attach the Velcro tension clips to the quilt at both ends of the frame.

Step 5

Place your quilt pattern on the Loading Shelf. Turn the "Start" knob to "On," and trace a few inches of your quilt pattern to test the tension of the quilt on the Inspira frame.