How to Sharpen a Black and Decker Hedge Hog

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Things You'll Need

  • Work table

  • Two medium size clamps

  • Dremel tool or similar hand-held multi-purpose tool

  • Grinding wheel attachment for hand-held tool.

  • Dremel 971 (or similar) aluminum oxide grinding sharpening stone with a tip small enough to cover the flat facet of a Hedge Hog blade tooth

Maintaining the sharpness of electric timmers can made landscape trimming easier with beautiful results.

Electric hedge trimmers make trimming hedges and bushes easier and quicker than using manual hand-powered trimmers. Electric trimmers, the most popular type in the U.S., cost less and require less maintenance than gasoline-powered models. Electric trimmers are used most often by homeowners with the Black and Decker Hedge Hog series being very popular. While they are not premium products, electric trimmers like the Black and Decker Hedge Hog trimmer can keep trimming reliably for years with proper maintenance, including sharpening the blade's teeth.


Step 1

Unplug the electric trimmer before trying to sharpen the teeth.

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Step 2

Clamp the electric trimmer to the work table using two clamps if necessary so the Hedge Hog is firmly held down with the blade teeth accessible over the edge of the work table.

Step 3

Insert and secure grinding tip in hand-held multi-purpose tool.

Step 4

Maneuver the grinding tip so it is perpendicular to the facet of the Hedge Hog tooth.

Step 5

Sharpen teeth in one direction, being careful to try and maintain the same cutting edge angle on the sharpened tooth of no less than 35 degrees.

Step 6

Make same number of grinding passes/grind the same length of time a few seconds on each tooth.


This task should take about 15 minutes.

Keep a light touch; too much force can break the grinding surface.

For best results, insert the sharpening bit slightly less than all the way into the tool.


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