How to Fix a Squeaky Office Swivel Chair

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Things You'll Need

  • Silicone oil spray

  • Soft cloth

Swivel office chairs have several moving parts that need lubrication to work silently. Although regular maintenance helps eliminate most noises, any chair can develop annoying squeaks from normal use. A swivel chair is more likely to squeak when it bears weight, so ask a colleague to help you locate the source of the sound.


Step 1

Have someone sit in the swivel chair while you sit on the floor. Ask the person to swivel the chair from side to side. Listen for the squeak and locate the source.


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Step 2

Hold the can of silicone spray upright and level with the squeaky spot, about three inches away. Spray for a second or two.


Step 3

Have the person continue to swivel the chair around and around, to work the oil into the swivel mechanism. If the squeak goes silent, you've hit the spot. If not, try again.


Step 4

Have the person lean hard against the back of the chair to see if the back needs oil. Usually if one moving part of the chair needs lubrication, other moving parts will too.


Step 5

Roll the chair back and forth in different directions. Listen for squeaks in the wheels and in the casters above the wheels. Spray a little silicone oil on them if necessary, and roll the wheels to distribute the lubricant.


Step 6

Wipe excess oil off the moving parts with a soft, absorbent cloth to avoid staining clothing and carpeting. Store the spray and cloth in your desk for future use.


If you're the only person in the office, turn the chair upside down to lubricate it. Push and twist the swivel base and casters to locate squeaks.


Avoid getting silicone oil on your clothing -- it can cause permanent spotting.


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