How to Insulate Cinderblock Garages

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • 2-by-4 lumber

  • Nail gun

  • Concrete nails

  • Rigid foam insulation

  • Saw

  • Knife

  • Caulk gun

  • Adhesive

Insulate your cinder block garage to reduce your heating bill.

Cinder blocks are uniform concrete-and-cinder blocks used in the construction of low-budget walls and foundations. The cinder block material is light and porous. As such, a lot of interior heat can escape through cinder block walls during the winter. Insulating the cinder block inside your garage keeps heat from escaping the house through the garage and allows you to use the garage as a work space in the cold season. Insulation is cheap and installation is easy; a little time might save you a fair chunk of change.


Step 1

Measure the length of the wall. Make a mark on the wall every 4 feet. Measure the height of the wall. Write the height on a piece of paper.

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Step 2

Cut the 2-by-4 boards to match the wall height you wrote down in Step 2: First mark the 2-by-4s according to the figure you wrote in Step 1. Then, using a circular saw, cut the board to fit the wall height.


Step 3

Place a board at each of the 4-foot markings, one end touching the floor and the other touching the ceiling. Place the 2-by-4 so that the wide side is flush against the wall, essentially making each 2-by-4 a furring strip. Drive nails into each board every 2 feet to attach it to the wall.


Step 4

Cut the insulation so that it fits inside the boards on the wall. Use rigid foam insulation no thicker than the narrow dimension of the 2-by-4 (that's 1.5 inches).

Step 5

Staple the insulation onto the studs, putting a staple every few inches to keep it secure. Alternatively, use construction adhesive in a caulk gun to attach the rigid side of the insulation to the cinder block wall. This makes removal difficult, however.


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