How to Make Fragrance Cards

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Things You'll Need

  • Greeting card

  • Essential oil

  • Cotton ball

  • Plastic bag

Use essential oils to add fragrant scents to your greeting cards.

University of Pennsylvania associate professor of psychiatry Bruce Turetsky says different scents may "have a greater ability to bring up an emotional memory in you than seeing a picture or hearing a voice." Aromas can be powerful reminders of special occasions. Use different scents to add an aromatic fragrance to create greeting cards your friends and family won't soon forget.


Step 1

Select an appropriate greeting card to match the occasion you wish to recognize.

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Step 2

Choose an essential oil with a scent that matches the occasion or the picture on the front of the card, such as pine oil for a pine tree picture on the front of the card or rose oil for a picture of a rose on the card. Be creative when matching the scent to image on the front of the card.


Step 3

Open the bottle of essential oil. Turn the bottle upside down, and wait for a drop of oil to appear on the tip of the oil dispenser on the bottle. Hold the cotton ball near the tip of the dispenser. Allow two to three drops of oil to drop on to the cotton ball. Place the cap back on the bottle of essential oil.


Step 4

Place the cotton ball in a plastic bag that can lock closed. Place the card, along with the accompanying envelope, in the bag. Arrange the card and envelope so they don't touch the cotton ball. Allowing them to touch the cotton ball could leave an unsightly oil stain on the card or envelope.


Step 5

Close the opening of the plastic bag by zipping it shut. Leave the card in the bag for 24 to 48 hours to allow the scent of the essential oil to penetrate into the card. Remove the card and envelope from the plastic bag.

Step 6

Turn the card over so the back of the card is facing up. Write the name of the essential oil on the back of the card so the recipient of the card will know what scent was used to add fragrance to the card. Address the envelope and send as you would any other card.


You can buy boxes of greeting cards and place them in a plastic bag with a scented cotton ball.

Mix and match different essential oils to create your own special blends.

Keep the scented cards in separate plastic bags to help retain the scent.

If the scent on the card should dissipate, use the information on the back of the card as a guide so you can reapply the same scent as directed in the previous steps.


People who suffer from allergic reactions to certain scents do not always appreciate scented greeting cards.


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