How do I Replace a Snapper Drive Belt?

Replacing your Snapper drive belt will have the mower running like new again.

Even with meticulous seasonal maintenance, it's anticipated the working parts of your Snapper riding mower will express signs of deterioration over its life. In particular the drive belt can become too stretched or brittle and frayed, causing eventual breakage. When the drive belt snaps, your Snapper lawn tractor will be momentarily out of commission, as this is what keeps the mower blades spinning. Fortunately, installing a new drive belt in your Snapper is a simple task that can be completed in under half an hour.

Step 1

Park your Snapper mower on a flat, smooth surface. Take out your ignition key and set the parking break. Examine the belt replacement diagram plate located on the left-hand floorboard to find out how to correctly route the replacement belt.

Step 2

Grip the attachment clutch lever situated to the right of the steering wheel and push the button on top to release. Pull this lever toward you until it reaches its highest level. This unhooks the deck. Pull the mowing deck off. Seize the attachment clutch lever again and push it forward until the engine housing reaches its lowest position.

Step 3

Slide under the Snapper lawn tractor and grip the drive belt. Pull it free from the engine pulley. Grasp the thin metal retainer clip fastening the two clutch springs to the master pulley bolt and pull it out. This clip is located at the midpoint of the Snapper mowing deck. Take off both retainer springs. Remove the belt collar from the mower housing and unfasten the housing bracket.

Step 4

Pull the useless drive belt away from notches on the Snapper's stationary idler pulley, and then peel the remaining segment of the drive belt away from your clutch idler pulley. These pulleys are both located adjacent to the engine pulley. Now your defunct drive belt should be totally removed.

Step 5

Install the replacement Snapper drive belt exactly in reverse order of the process you just used to remove the previous belt.