How to Restring Duette Shades

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

Duette shades are a trademark of the Hunter Douglas Company and one of the most common brands of honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades are also known as cellular blinds, as they have individual horizontal cells, which resemble a honeycomb shape when observed from the side. As all types of honeycomb shades, Duette shades are also energy efficient, since air gets trapped inside the cells, providing insulation. Because Duette shades are horizontal, with individual slats, they look like a soft version of the classic metal or wooden Venetian blinds. If you want to repair your Duette shades you may want to know how to restring them.


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Step 1

Locate the top and the bottom cell of your Duette shades. Inside those cells there are flat aluminum or plastic cells, also known as filler strips. Remove the whole shade assembly from the window by unscrewing the tab screw that holds it in its position. Stack the Duette shades, so that only the top and the bottom cell fit inside the rails.

Step 2

Remove the rails by sliding them off the Duette shade fabric. Slide in the opposite direction of the cord lock on the side of the shades. Then remove the cord and the cord washers from the shades. As this point, you will have only a thick-stacked assembly of fabric cells, with just the cord guide at the top.


Step 3

Measure the needed length of the new cord, using the height of the Duette as a guideline. Remember that the length of the new cord has to be double the shade's height plus its width.

Step 4

Cut the new cord for your Duette shades with sharp scissors. Repeat for each cord, making sure there is a cord for every rout hole. Specialized stores offer various replacement cords, so make sure to choose the one compatible with your shades in color and material.

Step 5

Put a needle with the replacement string threaded through it inside the small hole at the top of the cord guide. Carefully pull the needle all the way through the cord guide and the whole stack of shade cells. Do the same for every other hole as well.


Step 6

Attach a washer at the end of each of the strings. You can also use the old plastic washers if they are not worn or broken.

Step 7

Reinstall the rails on the top and the bottom Duette shade cells. Slide them on toward the cord guide.

Step 8

Finish the restringing process by pulling the replacement string through the pulling mechanism on the side of the blinds. Pull the new replacement string through the cord channel to the cord lock. After the cord lock, install the end cap to finish the restringing of your shades. Note that the cord pulling mechanism on the side is different depending on the Duette shade model, so make sure to follow any specific instruction regarding the shape and position of the cord lock and cord channel.

Step 9

Hang the Duette shade assembly back on the window, tightening the tab screw to secure the blinds in their position.


Before restringing the Duette shades, check if the cord guides are worn and if they are, rotate them to use the new side.


Never remove the aluminum or plastic filler strips from the cells.