How do I Use the Star Model 35SSA Hot Dog Steamer?

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Things You'll Need

  • Distilled water

  • Hot dogs

  • Hot dog buns

  • Serving tongs

Since 1921, Star Manufacturing International, Inc. has designed and manufactured a wide range of restaurant and concession cooking and baking appliances. The Star 35SSA Hot Dog Steamer is a hot dog cooker and bun warmer with separate compartments for up to 170 hot dogs and 18 hot dog buns. Using a Star 35SSA Hot Dog Steamer isn't difficult. You only need to fill the unit with enough water to generate the steam needed to cook the hot dogs, warm the buns and maintain constant temperatures inside the unit between servings.


Step 1

Position your Star 35SSA Hot Dog Steamer on a flat, level surface. Plug the six-foot cord into an electrical outlet.

Step 2

Add 9 quarts of hot, distilled water to the water pan. If you're not using the juice pan, add 11 quarts total to the water pan.

Step 3

Turn the thermostat control knob to "HIGH" and turn the steamer on. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the steamer to begin generating steam.


Step 4

Lift up the front glass door and line the top and/or bottom hot dog shelves with three to four rows of stacked, defrosted hot dogs. Pull down the door and wait approximately 45 minutes for the hot dogs to cook.

Step 5

Lower the thermostat to the "3" or "4" setting, open the door, add your hot dog buns to the bun warmer and close the door. If you want to control the amount of steam that enters the bun warmer compartment, open or close the water fill compartment at the front of the bun warmer. After the buns warm as desired, serve the hot dogs and buns.


Filling the water pan with hot water instead of cold water lowers the pre-heat wait time. Distilled water instead of tap water can reduce mineral buildup--extending the life of your steamer. If the low water level indicator light comes on during use, refill the water pan. If your hot dogs have broken skin, lower the thermostat control knob setting. If the hot dog buns dry out or become soggy, experiment with the settings. Lower or increase the thermostat control knob setting or adjust the position of the humidity control lever on the bun tray.


Frozen hot dogs affect cooking timeframes. Always thaw out the hot dogs before use. Never overfill the water pan in your 35SSA Hot Dog Steamer. Never turn on your steamer without water in the water pan. Always keep the glass door closed when you're not serving hot dogs to maintain steam and heat levels.