How to Calculate a Drapery Stack

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Paper

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  • Calculator (optional)

Calculate drapery stack for any window with simple math.

Draperies are a window treatment option that are often hung so the entire window is exposed when the drapes are open to allow in maximum light and make the room appear larger. Drapery stack refers to the amount of wall space required for the drapery fabric on one or both sides of a window. You can calculate a drapery stack using your window measurement and simple math. Although there is no set formula to determine the amount of stack space needed, one-third of the drapery width provides a good rule of thumb.


Step 1

Determine whether to hang a single drapery panel or a pair of drapes over your window. The stack for a single panel will be on just one side of the window while the stack for a pair of drapes is split between the two sides of the window.

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Step 2

Measure the width of the window. Multiply the window width by 1.5 to determine the recommended rod length for sufficient drapery stack.


Step 3

Examine the wall space on each side of the window to identify potential challenges and ensure sufficient unobstructed area for the planned drapery stack.

Step 4

Adjust the planned drapery stack, if necessary. Heavy fabric may require more stack area while sheer panels or lightweight drapes can often stack in less space.


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