How to Remove a Gutter Helmet

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Things You'll Need

  • Ladder

  • Flathead screwdriver

For safety reasons, always have a partner when working on a ladder.

The Gutter Helmet is designed to prevent leaves and other organic matter from clogging your rain gutters. The system uses a hood with a front gap that allows the debris to wash over and off the gutter, while the water drains properly. If you are changing your gutter style, updating your gutters or getting ready to work on your roof, you will need to remove it.


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Step 1

Set up your ladder so both feet are on stable ground, the angle of the ladder to the gutter is no less than 35 degrees and the ladder will allow you to reach the beginning edge of the gutter. To ensure your safety, have a helper hold the ladder in place while you ascend .

Step 2

Pry up on the front edge of the Gutter Helmet with your fingers or a screwdriver until you can see underneath to where the cover is attached to the support braces.

Step 3

Pop the tabs of the Gutter Helmet out of the clips on the support brace using your fingers or a screwdriver. Do this along the entire length of the piece. Always move the ladder so you are not over-reaching for the next clip. Reaching too far can easily knock you off balance and cause the ladder to fall.


Step 4

Pull the Gutter Helmet toward you to slide the rear of the cover out from beneath the shingle edge. Once the entire length of the piece is free, you can lower it to your helper to lay on the ground.

Step 5

Remove all of the support braces by pulling them straight up and off the gutter. The braces should only be resting on the gutter, but may have been screwed on to the rear of the gutter. If so, use your screwdriver to remove the screws and then lift the braces off.


Label the underside of your Gutter Helmets with the corresponding location on the house so you can reuse them easily if need be.


Do not pull up on the edge of the roof shingles or you may loosen them enough to then create a leak. Gutter Helmets will slide out from beneath the shingles easily.


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