How to Open a Sphero Lock

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Sphero locks are Master Lock SmoothSpin combination dial padlocks. Unlike grip-style padlocks that use a small grooved knob and dial, the entire lock face on SmoothSpin padlocks—a rounded and smooth surface—acts as the dial for easier grasping. Sphero locks come in a mini padlock version (Model 2074) with "Master" written on the front as well as two regular versions (Models 2075 and 2076) that bear the "Sphero by Master" logo. Each Sphero lock opens with a three-digit combination. As long as you have your lock's combination, you can open your Sphero lock with a few quick turns of the dial.


Step 1

Grasp the smooth, round face of your Sphero lock and turn it until "0" on the dial aligns with the top center of the lock or the "12 o'clock" position.

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Step 2

Turn the dial right (clockwise) so that "0" bypasses the top center, 12 o'clock position three times, then continue turning the dial until the first number of your combination reaches the top center of the lock. Stop turning the dial.


Step 3

Reverse the dial one full revolution left (counterclockwise) then continue turning--past the first number--until the second number of your combination rests at the top center of the lock.

Step 4

Rotate the dial right until the third number in your combination rests at the top center then stop turning the dial. Grip the padlock and pull down to open it.


Step 5

Insert your key into the keyhole on the back, turn the key and pull down on the lock to open it if you have a Model 2076 Sphero lock with backup keys and cannot remember or have lost your combination.


Master Lock does not retrieve lost or forgotten combination numbers for locks that do not have serial numbers. Register your combination number, serial number and/or backup key serial numbers using the online Key/Combo Registration Tool available at to retrieve the number when needed.

If you do not have a backup key, take your lock to a locksmith; or if the lock has a serial number, print and fill out the Lost Combination Form available online and photograph your lock. Have the photo and form notarized as proof that the lock is not attached to another object, such as a locker or safe. Mail your information to:

Master Lock Warehouse 1600 W. La Quinta Rd. Suite/WHSE # 1 Nogales, AZ 85621

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