How Do I Clean a Kenmore Gas Cooktop?

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Things You'll Need

  • Dish soap

  • Dishwasher soap (optional)

  • Sponge

  • Scouring pad

  • Baking soda

  • Dishpan

  • Ammonia

  • Wash rags

Remove the grates from gas stovetops to wash them.

Kenmore gas stovetops are designed for convenient cleaning. The surface is somewhat stain-resistant and most of the parts can be removed for soaking and scrubbing. In most cases, a simple mixture of soap and water will suffice to scrub down your Kenmore gas stovetop. In some cases you may need to use something stronger to lift tough stains and grime.


Step 1

Remove knobs and grates from your Kenmore gas stovetop. Place knobs and reflective plates in a dishpan of soapy water to soak. Wash your burner grates in your dishwasher or soak them in the dishpan with the knobs.

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Step 2

Submerge a wash rag into the dishpan of soapy water and wring out excess moisture. Wipe down the entire surface of your Kenmore gas stovetop. Use a scouring pad with baking soda to remove tough burned-on grime and stains.


Step 3

Wet a clean wash rag under a stream of cold water. Wring out excess moisture. Wipe away residue from the soapy water and baking soda. Dry the surface of the stovetop with a clean wash rag.

Step 4

Remove oven knobs and reflective pans from from the soapy water and rinse them under a stream of cold water. Dry the knobs and reflective pans thoroughly with a wash rag and put them back on the stove.


Step 5

Dump the soapy water from the dishpan. Rinse the dishpan and the burner grates so they are clean. Place the grates back in the dishpan and soak them in a solution of 1 quart water and 1 quart ammonia if they still have grime. Leave them soak for about 20 minutes, then wash them with a soapy rag and rinse them with clean water.

Step 6

Dry the burner grates with a clean wash rag and place them back on the stove.


Place an ammonia-soaked paper towel on persistent stains and grime for 30 to 40 minutes. Clean as normal.


Use gloves when handling ammonia and work in a well-ventilated room.


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