How to Clean Da-Lite Screens

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Things You'll Need

  • Liquid dishwashing soap

  • Bowl, cup or small bucket

  • Cloth

Da-Lite manufactures projection screens for home and business use.

Da-Lite has been manufacturing projection screens for over 100 years. Da-Lite manufacturers front and rear projection screens. The projection screens are available in electric or manual, and permanent or portable models. Da-Lite products should be cleaned as needed to remove dirt and dust. Da-Lite projection lenses should only be cleaned uses Da-Lite Lenskleen Cleaner. Da-Lite screens should only be cleaned with dishwashing liquid and water. Harsh or abrasive chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents should never be used.


Step 1

Add 1 tsp of liquid dishwashing soap per cup of warm water in a bowl, cup or small bucket.

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Step 2

Dip a clean, soft cloth in the water. Rub the cloth on the projection screen for cleaning.

Step 3

Dampen a soft cloth in cool water. Wipe down the projection screen to remove soap residue. Rinse the cloth as needed to remove soap.

Step 4

Allow the screen to air dry.


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