How to Make a Poster Board

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box

  • Butcher, wrapping or another heavy paper

  • Stapler

  • Brads

Making your own poster board can help make a good presentation.

A poster board can be an extremely effective presentation tool, and making your own poster board is a great way to maximize your creative potential while saving yourself time and money. A great poster board can be made easily using basic household materials and a short amount of time. Being able to make your own poster board and other presentation materials can be very helpful when placed in situations where you must give a presentation with little time to prepare or purchase materials.


Step 1

Choose a section of the cardboard box to use as your poster board, preferably one without creases or excess labeling. The ideal section would contain no writing at all, just completely neutral cardboard on both sides.

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Step 2

Break down the cardboard box so that it is completely flat by separating the small, glued interior flap that holds the sides of the box together. Use scissors if necessary to break the bond between the cardboard sides.


Step 3

Draw the outline of your poster board--fulfilling the size you need--on the section of the cardboard box that you have chosen.

Step 4

Cut out the form of the poster board using scissors. If you have a utility knife handy, this can provide a straighter cut, but scissors will work well if necessary. Remove the excess cardboard, saving any sections you can for additional poster boards.


Step 5

Cover the presentation surface of the cardboard with butcher paper or wrapping paper. If you wish to have a blank white surface, you can use the reverse side of any wrapping paper pattern. Wrap a few inches of excess paper around to the back of the poster board around all of the edges.

Step 6

Attach the paper to the poster board by stapling it at the edges so that it is secured on both sides of the board. A classy alternative to staples is to secure it with brads that poke through and are flattened on the back side.


Any items mounted to your poster board can be enhanced by mounting them on a starkly opposing border, such as black for white items or white for black items. Simply glue white paper text objects to black paper that is slightly larger.


Be careful to make your entire presentation material look professional, even on the back. Depending on your presentation audience, you may not want to let them see even the smallest hint of something less than professional.


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