How to Paint Logos

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Printer

  • Printer paper

  • Cardboard

  • Professional painter's tape

  • Pen knife

  • Heavy-duty fabric drop cloth

  • Stencil spray adhesive

  • Acrylic spray paint

  • Acrylic spray primer

  • 220-grit sandpaper

  • Galvanized metal etching spray primer

  • Pints of acrylic latex paint

  • Craft brushes

  • Glass paint

Use stencils to paint sharp, professional-looking edges.

Unless you possess strong artistic talent, you will likely find it difficult painting logos free-hand. You can generate sharp, professional-looking logos with a paintbrush or a can of spray paint by using a stencil. Before you begin the application process, you should know the proper way to seal the stencil in place, or paint may drip or bleed underneath. In addition, because certain surfaces are not conducive to paint adhesion, you should know the proper ways to prepare them to accept the painted logo or the finish may ultimately fail.


Step 1

Print the logo onto a sheet of paper, using a computer and a printer.

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Step 2

Place the paper on top of a sheet of cardboard. Tape the edges in place, using professional painter's tape.


Step 3

Use a pen knife to cut around the logo. Remove the paper from the cardboard and use it as your stencil.

Step 4

Place the stencil face down on a heavy-duty fabric drop cloth. Spray stencil adhesive on the back of the stencil.


Step 5

Affix the stencil to the area where you want the logo to appear. Tape the edges of the stencil in place with painter's tape.

Step 6

Spray acrylic latex paint onto the logo-shaped, exposed area of the stencil. Remove the stencil while the paint is still wet. Wait two hours for the logo to dry.


You can use craft brushes and pints of acrylic latex paint to create detailed logos. These items are available at craft stores.

You can have larger stencils printed up at printing shops.

Stencil adhesives are available at craft stores.

Sand fiberglass, vinyl and plastic surfaces with 220-grit sandpaper, prior to application, to stimulate adhesion.

Apply a latex acrylic primer to bare wood, vinyl, plastic and fiberglass surfaces, prior to painting. Use a galvanized metal etching primer on metallic surfaces.

Use glass paint to create logos on glass surfaces.


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