Washing Instructions for Under Armour

Under Armour is polyester-elastane-blend clothing designed to regulate body temperature and wick sweat in sports-related activity. No matter what your sport is, your Under Armour takes a beating from perspiration, dirt, and daily wear and tear. But when it's time to wash and dry, treat it like one of your delicates to extend the life of your Under Armour.

Woman dressed in under armour with bike on pathway. (Image: ChristopherBernard/iStock/Getty Images)


Use cold water and a gentle cycle on your Under Armour garments. Leave out the fabric softener and bleach, which can be harsh and break down clothing. For best results, choose a powdered detergent made specifically for cold-water washes. Avoid washing Under Armour with towels, denim or other tough fabrics, or with clothes that have zippers and other hardware. Rough fabric and hardware can snag your Under Armour or cause pilling.

Drying and Care

Hang-drying your Under Armour clothing is the gentlest way to dry it. Avoid bright, direct sunlight while hang-drying, which can bleach fabric. If you use a machine, tumble dry on low or no heat and leave out the dryer sheets. Don't iron Under Amour, and avoid storing it with rough fabrics that could cause damage.

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