The Best Way to Paint Interior Doors

Don't overlook interior doors when personalizing a room. Not only can you freshen up dingy doors with a new coat of paint, you can also paint them in a fun color or pattern for a little something extra.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Things You'll Need

  • Drop cloth

  • Rubber gloves

  • Rag or old T-shirt

  • Liquid deglosser

  • Screwdriver

  • Painter's tape

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Paintbrush and/or roller

  • Interior latex paint

  • Hooks (optional)

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Step 1: Clean the Door

Lay the drop cloth under the door to catch any drips and put on your rubber gloves. Saturate a section of an old rag or T-shirt with the liquid deglosser. Rub the deglosser into the door until you've cleaned the entire door. This will remove all dirt and dust so that the paint will adhere better. Allow the door to dry before painting.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)
(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Step 2: Remove the Door Knob

Unscrew the door knob with a screwdriver and place it to the side.

Step 3: Tape Around the Hinges and Edges

Apply painter's tape around the hinges, the edge of the door and anywhere you will not be painting.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Step 4: Measure and Tape Off Your Pattern

This color-block pattern is an easy way to create a bold look in any room. Using a level, mark where your tape will go. Place the tape just slightly above your pencil mark.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)
(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Step 5: Paint the Panels and Edges

With a paintbrush made for interior latex paints, start painting the raised panels first. Next, apply the paint onto the edges of the door and over the edge of the painter's tape.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)
(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Step 6: Fill in the Rest

Use your paintbrush or a 4-inch paint roller to fill in the rest of the door between the panels and the edges.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Step 7: Remove the Tape and Attach the Door Knob

Remove the painter's tape before your paint is completely dry for a crisp edge. Once the door is fully dry reattach the door knob.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)

Step 8: Finish It Off

Hooks can be added to the back of your finished door for extra storage space.

(Image: Painted Interior Doors)
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