How to Remove Fiberglass Insulation

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver or hammer

  • Rake

  • Garbage bags

  • Gloves

  • Long sleeve shirt

  • Pants

  • Mask

  • Eye protection

When doing a remodel or having to repair a wall in the home, you will sometimes run up against insulation that will need to be removed and replaced. If the insulation is made of fiberglass, there are certain steps you must take to keep the fibers from causing irritations or getting all over your home. These small fibers have not been proven to cause any illnesses if breathed in, but are made of glass and could irritate.


Step 1

Use the claw end of a hammer or flathead screw driver to remove staples holding strips of insulation between the wall studs. Remove the staples working from the bottom up saving the top staples for last. Remove the top staples while holding the strip in place so that it doesn't fall.


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Step 2

Slowly roll the insulation down the wall, tucking in on itself. Do it slowly so that you do not stir up dust.

Step 3

Put the insulation in a garbage bag once it is rolled all the way down the wall. This will keep any loose fibers from escaping into the air. Do this with each wall section that you need to clear out.


For loose insulation, you will need to rake it off the wall slowly and put it in a garbage bag.


Wear protective gear such as gloves to protect your hands, a long sleeve shirt, mask, eye glasses, and long pants. Fiberglass is small glass particles and will cut the skin with tiny scratches. Take a warm shower when you are through and wash clothes separately.


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