How to Remove a Silk Screen Logo on Plastic

Silk screen logos printed on plastic surfaces is a flexible advertisement option for businesses and organizations. Silk screen printing is also used on food containers to list the ingredients and other important information. But what if you want to reuse the item? The printing on a sour cream container can be an eyesore if you want to fill it with baked goodies to give to your loved ones. While removing the silk screen printing may be a bit difficult, it is not impossible and can bring new life to those plastic items.

Things You'll Need

  • Chemical-resistant rubber gloves

  • Acetone nail polish remover or paint thinner

  • Small dishpan

  • Rags

  • Ink wash

Acetone or Paint Thinner Removal Method

Step 1

Wear a pair of chemical-resistant rubber gloves. Pour acetone nail polish remover or paint thinner into a small dishpan.

Step 2

Dampen an old rag in the acetone or paint thinner. Wring out the excess liquid.

Step 3

Place the damp rag over the silk screen logo and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Step 4

Rub the logo with the damp rag. If the ink starts to come off, continue to rub. If not, saturate the rag with the liquid, wring out the excess and wrap around the logo. Continue in this manner until you have removed the logo.

Step 5

Wash the item with mild dish soap in lukewarm water.

Ink Wash Removal Method

Step 1

Put on a pair of chemical-resistant rubber gloves.

Step 2

Pour an ink wash that contains propylene glycol ethers and petroleum hydrocarbons as its active ingredients into a small dishpan.

Step 3

Dampen a rag in the ink wash. Rub the silk screen logo with the damp rag.

Step 4

Continue rubbing the logo until the silk screen ink begins to disappear. You may need to periodically dampen the rag with the ink wash as it could take several minutes – if not more – to completely remove the logo.

Step 5

Wash the chemical off the plastic with mild dish soap and lukewarm water.


Always test the removal method on an inconspicuous area of the plastic before use. If, after several hours, no damage has been done, use the removal method as necessary.


When using chemicals to remove silk screen logos, always work in a well-ventilated area.

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