How to Clean an Imperia Pasta Maker

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Easily clean your Imperia Pasta Maker after making fresh pasta.

The Imperia company has made pasta makers in Italy since 1932. The Imperia Pasta Maker provides you with several different attachments to make pasta sheets, spaghetti, angel's hair, tagliatelle, trenette, fettuccine and small lasagne. Making pasta from scratch gives you a fresh, high-quality product that can include such healthy ingredients as whole wheat flour or vegetable purees. Cleaning the machine after making pasta is a simple and quick process, making the concept of making your own pasta even more enticing.


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Step 1

Remove any remaining flour on the pasta maker by scrubbing lightly with a soft, dry kitchen brush.

Step 2

Scrub all the attachments you used with the kitchen brush to remove flour residue from them.

Step 3

Wipe the outside of the pasta maker with a dry cloth.

Step 4

Apply a drop of mineral oil to the roller ends every six months.


Never wash the Imperia Pasta Maker or its attachments as they may rust.