How to Mount a Flag Pole

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Things You'll Need

  • Pencil

  • Drill

  • 3 stainless-steel screws, 1¼-inch

  • Screwdriver

  • Flag bracket

  • Flag pole

  • Flag

It's easy to mount a flag pole on the front of your house.

Most residential properties don't have a permanent flag pole that's built into the ground. In spite of that, many people are able to proudly display a flag. You can attach a flag pole bracket to the front of your house, allowing you to safely and securely mount a flag pole. The project is fairly simple and can be completed in about an hour's time.


Step 1

Choose a location on the front of your home on which to mount your flag pole. Be sure to pick a spot that's unobstructed so the flag will fly freely and be visible. Hold the flag bracket in position and use a pencil to mark where the screws will be attached to the house.

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Step 2

Drill holes in the wall through the pencil marks.


Step 3

Position the flag bracket over the holes. Secure the bracket to the wall with 1¼-inch stainless-steel screws.

Step 4

Attach the flag to the flag pole, then place the pole in the flag bracket.


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