How to Mount a Flag Pole

It's easy to mount a flag pole on the front of your house.
It's easy to mount a flag pole on the front of your house. (Image: american flag image by jedphoto from <a href=''></a>)

Most residential properties don't have a permanent flag pole that's built into the ground. In spite of that, many people are able to proudly display a flag. You can attach a flag pole bracket to the front of your house, allowing you to safely and securely mount a flag pole. The project is fairly simple and can be completed in about an hour's time.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • 3 stainless-steel screws, 1¼-inch
  • Screwdriver
  • Flag bracket
  • Flag pole
  • Flag

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Choose a location on the front of your home on which to mount your flag pole. Be sure to pick a spot that's unobstructed so the flag will fly freely and be visible. Hold the flag bracket in position and use a pencil to mark where the screws will be attached to the house.

Drill holes in the wall through the pencil marks.

Position the flag bracket over the holes. Secure the bracket to the wall with 1¼-inch stainless-steel screws.

Attach the flag to the flag pole, then place the pole in the flag bracket.


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