How to Change a Karcher Pressure Washer Spray Tip

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A Karcher pressure washer forces pumped water at high speeds through a nozzle, causing a powerful stream that can remove grit from outdoor floors and even paint from a wall. Karcher pressure washers either come with a spray wand, which has an adjustable gauge to change the pressure and angle that water sprays from the nozzle, or a set of tips that can be removed and installed onto the nozzle depending on the kind of spray you want. Changing these tips takes less than a minute.


Step 1

Note the nozzle tip that is attached to the stem of your Karcher pressure washer. Look for the spring-loaded collar just below the tip. Pull the spring loaded collar away from the nozzle tip and with your other hand pull the nozzle tip off the stem. It should come off in one motion.

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Step 2

Place the nozzle tip you just removed into the nozzle holder at the handle of your Karcher pressure washer. Choose a new nozzle tip, either green, black, red, or white and pull it out of the nozzle holder.


Step 3

Hold the pressure washer stem in one hand and the new nozzle tip in the other. Pull the spring-loaded collar away from the end of the stem and insert the nozzle tip onto the stem. The nozzle tip should slide on easily. Let go of the collar and with your other hand press the nozzle tip more firmly onto the stem until you hear a "click," which means the nozzle tip is secure.


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