How to Grind Down Ceramic Floor Tile

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Things You'll Need

  • Dust mask

  • Eye protection

  • Table clamp

  • Angle grinder

  • Diamond grinding blade

Cut ceraminc tile with an angle grinder.

Ceramic tile is a durable and attractive flooring option for practically any room of the home. Installing ceramic floor tile is fairly simple until you reach the edges of the room, or fixtures such as cabinets, pedestal sinks and toilets. In these cases, you must grind down the ceramic floor tiles so that they fit around these objects. Grinding ceramic tile can be tricky since the hardness is similar to glass and it can crack.


Step 1

Turn the ceramic tile upside down and use a pencil to mark where you need to grind down the tile to make it fit.

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Step 2

Place the ceramic tile upside down on the edge of a work surface. Clamp the tile in place using a table clamp so that the section of tile you want to remove is hanging over the side of the table.

Step 3

Put on eye protection and a dust mask and then plug in an angle grinder.

Step 4

Turn on the angle grinder and slowly lower the tip toward the pencil line on the ceramic tile. Press the tip of the grinder against the top of the ceramic tile but do not push down hard on the grinder. The blade will grind its way through the tile with very little pressure.

Step 5

Continue holding the grinder in place until it grinds all the way through the ceramic tile. Turn off the grinder and unplug it.


Angle grinders create a smooth edge as they grind, so there is no need for further polishing of the ceramic tile edge.


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