How to Get Rid of Shrews in My House

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Things You'll Need

  • Extended mouse traps

  • Beef tips, cubed

  • Cloth or leather gloves

  • Plastic bags

Shrews have sharp teeth to eat other animals and insects.

Shrews are small mammals that grow between 3 and 5 inches long. They are omnivores and can find their way into homes with relative ease. Shrews are aggressive, and when inside a home they have been known to leave their waste products in food stuffs, attack household pets, and emit a strong and pungent odor. Since these creatures are elusive and clever, using live traps isn't the best option. The best devices to use to remove these pests are extended mouse snap traps.

Step 1

Set up the extended mouse traps in the areas of your home filled with the shrew's odor. This can include in between walls and under the house.

Step 2

Place the beef tips on the traps as bait, letting the traps sit overnight. Shrews are mainly nocturnal creatures.

Step 3

Check the traps every 24 hours, removing dead shrews and baiting the traps again.

Step 4

Remove dead shrews by putting on cloth or leather gloves and releasing the trap to drop the shrew.

Step 5

Pick up the shrew's body, place it in a plastic bag, tie it up and dispose of it immediately.


Most species of shrew are venomous. It is imperative that you protect your hands before disposing of their bodies.