How to Make Washcloth Flowers

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Things You'll Need

  • Solid-colored washcloths

  • Craft sticks or spoons

  • Rubber bands

  • Green floral tape or washi tape

  • Drinking glass, short vase or sippy cup

Pastel baby washcloths roll up into colorful flower-shaped gifts.
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Wrap washcloths into flower shapes for a cute and colorful presentation as a housewarming or baby-shower gift. Rose shapes are simple enough that even a child can help roll and prepare the cloth flowers. Attach craft sticks, spoons or baby spoons as faux stems and present the flowers in a drinking glass or sippy cup as vase, depending upon the recipient.


Step 1

Smooth a washcloth out flat on a clean work surface. Fold each side toward the middle so the cloth is folded into thirds. Align the cloth so it is tall and narrow, if it's not already in this position.

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Step 2

Place the end of a craft stick or bowl of a spoon such as a baby spoon over the bottom right edge of the folded washcloth. Roll the washcloth upwards so the stick or spoon stays inside the rolled material.


Step 3

Wrap a rubber band around the base of the washcloth flower to secure it tightly around the stick or spoon. Wrap green floral tape or washi tape around the rubber band and part of the stick or spoon to secure it even more and to make the stem device look more like a stem.

Step 4

Unfurl the edge of the flower a bit, rolling it downward, to give it a more realistic flower petal appearance. Tug upwards on the outside edge of the flower so it stands a little taller around the outside.


Step 5

Create several more washcloth flowers, following Steps 1 through 4. Place them all into a drinking glass, short vase or sippy cup as a way to present the washcloths as a gift while giving the recipient another useful item for their home or for a new baby.


Craft a two-tone rose by placing two washcloths of different colors on top of one another, then folding and rolling them together as if preparing a single-washcloth rose.

Create a loose, rather than rolled, flower by placing two washcloths atop one another, with the top cloth aligned like a diamond while the bottom one is aligned like a square. Grab the washcloths from the center and push the centers down into a cup. Fluff the ends of each washcloth out over the sides of the cup, then remove the flower, securing a rubber band 2/3 of the way up, before the point where the washcloth flower petals flop over. Wrap the rubber band and a bit beneath it with floral tape. If desired, secure a spoon inside the flower, with the bowl acting as the flower's stamen.


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