How to Remove a Hayward Pool Filter Lid

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Wrench

A clean pool starts with a clean filter.

Hayward pool products are very popular with consumers for their ease of use and maintenance. Hayward offers three basic types of pool filters, DE (diatomaceous earth), sand and cartridge. All three Hayward filters have similar lids attached to the filter tank where the water is filtered and stored. As the filter becomes dirty, it's important to know how to remove the lid to ensure you can clean it properly.


Step 1

Unplug the pool pump's electrical cord from the electrical outlet. This will prevent any potential for electric shock while working on the filter.

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Step 2

Turn the valve on the bottom of the pool skimmer to "closed" to stop the water flow into the pump and filter.

Step 3

Relieve the pressure within the filter tank by opening the drain plug, located on the bottom right side of the Hayward filter.

Step 4

Determine the type of Hayward filter you are working with. For a cartridge filter, simply depress the latches on the top of the filter tank. For DE and sand filters, use a wrench to loosen and remove the bolts securing the lid in place. All Hayward filters are equipped with a locking ring. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the locking ring. The locking ring will pop off once loosened.


Step 5

Slide the locking ring off the filter. Slowly lift the filter lid off of the filter body. The inside of the filter tank will now be revealed.


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