How to Repair a Rockwell Shower Faucet

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Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench

  • Rockwell faucet repair kit

  • Toothbrush or rag

  • Plumber's grease

Repair a leaking faucet with a repair kit.

The Sterling/Rockwell line of home faucets is fairly common. Problems with these faucets may arise over time as the seats and gaskets begin to wear out. Luckily, the faucet can be repaired with a simple repair kit designed with this type of shower faucet in mind. This kit is available at hardware and home improvement stores. Even amateurs with no repair skills will find this fix a fairly simple one. Only a few parts are involved, and basic plumbing knowledge is required.


Step 1

Shut off the water by closing the water pipe valve.

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Step 2

Remove the cap on the faucet handle by prying it up with a screwdriver. Locate the threaded screw underneath the handle cover. Loosen it with a screwdriver or Allen wrench, as required by the particular Rockwell faucet model. Pull off the faucet handle.

Step 3

Pull out the faucet rod or cartridge inside the faucet head. This may require the use of a faucet cartridge remover. Inspect the rod for signs of wear and damage. Clean the rod with a used toothbrush or rag, removing all dirt and debris from around the valves.

Step 4

Inspect and replace the rubber seals around the faucet rod. All necessary seals are provided in your repair kit. Insert the rod back into the faucet pipe and push it into place. Make sure the hot and cold water valve openings are properly aligned.


Step 5

Slide the handle back over the top of the faucet rod or cartridge. Install the attaching screw and tighten it with an Allen wrench or screwdriver.

Step 6

Turn the water on and check the faucet for leaks.


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