How to Install a Delta 13/14 Series Shower Faucet

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Delta faucet

  • Plumber's tape

  • Allen wrench

Installing a Delta 13 or 14 series shower faucet requires just a few basic plumbing skills. However it is complicated and steps must be followed precisely. These Delta faucets contain a cartridge, handle and hardware all included with the faucet. These parts fit into the Delta faucet valve designed for the 13 and 14 series faucets. This valve is pre-installed by a plumber and then covered with a plaster guard, a round plastic cap that fits over the front of the valve.


Step 1

Remove the plaster guard, the round plastic cover placed on the shower valve after it is installed and the drywall is hung. Use a screwdriver to remove the guard. Save the screws for use later.

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Step 2

Install the new shower faucet cartridge. Insert the O-rings on the ends of the cartridge and push it into into the shower valve. Place the round shower faucet trim over the cartridge and screw it into place with the same plaster guard screws removed in the above step.

Step 3

Install the faucet handle. Push the handle onto the cartridge stem that protrudes from the trim sleeve. Tighten the handle's small, mounting screw with an Allen wrench until it is secure.

Step 4

Install the Delta shower head. Remove the old shower head, if applicable, by loosening the hexagonal nut on the end of the shower base with an adjustable wrench.


Step 5

Unwind the plumber's tape from the shower pipe and wrap new plumber's tape around the threaded end of the pipe. Thread the new shower head on the shower pip. Turn this shower head clockwise to install. Tighten the nut to secure the shower head.

Step 6

Loosen the set screw under the old spout and pull it back off the tub pipe to remove the tub spout if one is currently installed on your tub. Insert the new Delta spout and turn it so it faces toward the drain of the tub. Place a new screw in the bottom of the spout and tighten it with the Allen wrench until firmly in place.


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