Troubleshooting Vermont Casting Radiance Fireplaces

Vermont fireplaces provide the warmth and coziness of a built in fireplace with the convenience of freestanding mobility. If you experience a problem while using the Casting Radiance model, it may be easily fixed be performing a simple troubleshooting routine. If you do not find the source of your fireplace problems after troubleshooting, contact a Vermont technician for further assistance and to avoid damaging your fireplace permanently.

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Things You'll Need

  • Millivolt meter

  • Jumper wires

Igniter or Pilot Won’t Light or Stay Lit

Step 1

Make sure the gap by the pilot and the electrode connection is 1/8 inch wide.

Step 2

Clean the pilot and adjust it so the flame will impinge on the thermocouple and the thermopile. These are the elements in the middle of the pilot circuit that cause the flame to ignite.

Step 3

Light the pilot with a match and then turn the pilot off. If the pilot lights, turn off the pilot and push the igniter button again.

Step 4

Replace the igniter if the pilot still won't light or if there are no sparks when you press the igniter.

Pilot Lights with No Gas to the Burner

Step 1

Check the connections of all of the wires between the pilot, burner and switches and ensure they are fitted tightly.

Step 2

Depress the valve knob in the "Pilot" position and take a reading of the thermopile with a millivolt meter. If the reading is any lower than 325 millivolts, replace the thermopile.

Step 3

Test the wires that connect to the remote or rocker switch with jumper wires. If the burner lights this way, replace the rocker switch.

Step 4

Check the wires at the valve of the pilot. If the burner lights this way the wires themselves are faulty and will require professional assessment.


Work in a well-lit area.


Keep flammable materials away from the fireplace when troubleshooting to prevent fires.