Easy Way to Remove Stumps Without Grinding

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Things You'll Need

  • Power drill

  • 1 inch spade bit with spade bit extension

  • Chemical stump remover

  • Water

  • Ax

There are some easy alternatives to grinding down stumps.

Removing tree stumps is usually thought of as either an expensive or labor intensive process. One of the older methods involved grinding down a stump. Luckily, there is an alternative method and an easier way to remove stumps without grinding. Using chemical stump removal is an efficient method that is relatively inexpensive and not physically demanding.


Step 1

Drill 12 inch deep holes around the perimeter of the tree stump using your drill. Each hole should be approximately 3 inches from the edge of the stump. The number of holes drilled will vary due to stump size, but should be spaced approximately 4 inches apart.

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Step 2

Drill additional holes on the side of the stump at a 45 degree angle to connect to the previous holes. This will create a "V" shape on the interior of the stump and will aid in the rotting process.


Step 3

Pour the chemical stump remover in each of the holes. This is available at garden centers or hardware stores. Brands can vary, so follow exact instructions on package.

Step 4

Pour water in each of the holes.


Step 5

Allow four to six weeks for chemical stump remover to take effect. The stump will eventually become rotten.

Step 6

Tear away the rotted tree stump using your ax and properly dispose of the debris.


Keep children and animals away from stump after the chemicals have been applied.

The chemicals from the stump remover can be hazardous to other trees and plants in the area, so use caution.


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