How to Install a Drive Belt in a Lawn Tractor by Yard Machines

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Things You'll Need

  • SAE socket set

  • Clean rags

  • Replacement drive belt (model specific)

Yard Machines lawn tractors are hard working yet low maintenance, and have been designed to be serviced and maintained by the owner to lower operating costs. An example of this money-saving-design feature is well illustrated by the ease in which a homeowner can install a new lawn tractor drive belt. By following five simple steps a new drive belt may be installed in under 30 minutes.


Step 1

Park the tractor on a flat level surface and remove the key from the ignition switch. Remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug to prevent accidental starting. It should pull straight off easily. Place the "lift and disengagement" lever into the engaged position to properly tension the drive belt.


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Step 2

Set the parking brake. which also helps to properly tension the belts, into the on position. Carefully remove the engine belt guard by first removing the two hex bolts that attach it to the engine crankcase. Be sure the belt keepers (pins) are still attached to the engine guard when you pull it free.


Step 3

Remove the hex head nut and lock washer that secures the idler pulley into place. It is located approximately 8 inches from the engine pulley, towards the rear of the tractor. Remove the nut holding the transmission pulley in place, then remove the transmission pulley by pulling it straight away from the engine.


Step 4

Raise the cutting deck by using the "lift and disengagement" lever to the fully raised position to increase mower deck belt slack, then remove the deck belt from the engine pulley rolling it off with your fingers. This belt is located farthest from the engine on the engine drive pulley.


Step 5

Remove the transmission belt by rolling it off of the transmission pulley with your fingers. Then roll it off of the engine pulley, then remove it from the machine. Install a new transmission belt by following the reverse procedures of transmission belt removal steps. After making sure everything is tightened securely, start the mower and test for normal operations.



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