How to Make a Horse Face Mask

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Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Single hole punch

  • String, yarn or elastic

  • Craft glue

Children may have a variety of reasons for needing a mask: Halloween, a school play or pretend games name just a few. If your child needs a horse mask for any reason, buying one from a costume retailer can be expensive. Some people decide instead to create a mask at home. Such a project can create fun crafting time for the family and also save you money on the mask.


Step 1

Measure a piece of construction paper against your face to make sure the paper is large enough; glue two pieces of paper together or use larger paper if necessary. This first piece will be the main horse face, so choose the color you want for your horse.

Step 2

Cut a piece of construction paper into a shape that is roughly oval. The bottom should be thinner, like the horse's snout, while the top should be flat in the middle, with two ears sticking up on either side.

Step 3

Line the paper up with your face so that you can tell where your eyes meet the paper. Note the location, or mark it on the paper in pencil. Also note or mark where the mask sits near your ears.


Step 4

Cut out small ovals where your eyes will be so that you can see through your mask. Punch two small holes into the paper, just above where your ears sit next to the mask.

Step 5

Wrap a piece of yarn or string around your head to measure the size of your head. Add about four inches to the measurement and cut the string to that length. Tie the two ends of the string through the holes you just made; this string will hold the mask in place.

Step 6

Cut out decorations or designs for your horse mask from a different color of construction paper. Glue spots, hair and other decorations onto the mask as you choose. Allow all glue to dry before wearing the mask.


Step 7

Gently slide the string over your head until it rests behind your ears. Your eyes should line up with the eye holes. Adjust the string if necessary for best fit on your head.


If you don’t want the horse mask to wrap around your head, connect an ice cream stick or a dowel rod to the bottom of the mask so that you can hold it in front of your face.

Find templates for horse masks online.


Always supervise children when they are using scissors and glue.